tempting murphy….

A veteran singer-songwriter who has been writing and singing about love, life, death, injustice, and whimsy….for a long time now. Starting out in the coffee houses and clubs of London, Ontario then eventually relocating to Toronto, he sings 

what he sees, knows, dreams, fears, and wonders about. Currently tempting murphy is thrilled to be recording new music being released in 2020 and 2021. Every step of the way has been a story waiting to be told.

Musical Groups and Collaborations:

  1. Anduin
  2.  Refugee
  3.  Bennett and Barnes 
  4.  Bindivers
  5. Semi-Detached
  6.  Hogtown Circle
  7.  Bennett/Lawrie
  8.  tempting murphy

Starting in his teens with a duo, Anduin with Paul Andrews, Neil Bennett (tempting murphy) was busy writing folk operas and covering folk/country tunes. Eventually, the group added a third member, John Evoy, harp player extraordinaire and Refugee was born. This band played a number of venues around southwestern Ontario in the 1970’s including a memorable gig with Valdy at the Lucan Fall Fair! Eventually Bennett teamed up with Graham Barnes after a chance meeting in a local London music shop. Bennett and Barnes performed at a number of venues in the early 1980’s including the venerable Change of Pace Coffee House. The duo also recorded an album in David Bradsteet’s studio. 

I'm always tempting murphy Chaos feeds my fate
Survive the hurly burly
The hour is getting late
My, my, my in the blink of an eye